Dr. Paul Capobianco, D.O.

71 Walnut Road

Glen Cove, NY 11542

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2019: Dr. Paul Capobianco  

Digestive Conditions

GERD, Crohn’s,  Ulcerative Colitis, H. Pylori, Constipation, Thrush, Dysbiosis, Candida.

Dr. Capobianco has a long history of consulting with cases of Crohn's and colitis and helping patients navigate the illness and getting into remission with the use of homeopathy, LDN,  CBD/THC if needed, osteopathy, hormone and adrenal balancing, nutrient replenishment, gut health approaches, using regular pharmaceuticals in concert with the GI doctor.  He has a gastroenterologist that he often recommends for procedures and stronger medications if needed.    Treating GERD and Gastritis can often be successful too with the use of complementary medicines and homeopathy.   Dr. Capobianco does stool testing to look for probiotics, candida, parasites, and digestion issues.  This can be very helpful in guiding treatments.